My KWin short-cuts experiment

Inspired by Aurélien Gâteau’s blogpost and the thread on KDE Forums, I decided to change my global KWin short-cuts as well to see how it fares.


As proposed in the forum thread and by Aurélien, I have concentrated my desktop/window manipulation short-cuts around the Meta key.

In addition I figured out that to navigate virtual desktops and activities I practically only use the following effects:

Here are the most important changes:

Virtual desktops

Window management

Launchers, Activities, etc.

How does it feel

I actually quite like it and it does not need a lot to get used to. It is far easier to remember than the KDE Plasma default. And I am saying this after years and years of using the default as well as years of using a different custom set up (concentrated on Alt).

Personally, I think it would make sense to adopt such a change of defaults. But if that does not happen, I know I can still just change it myself locally …and I will ☺

hook out → taking a final sip of honey-sweetened Yorkshire Gold tea (Taylors of Harrogate) and going to sleep